2007 Ron White

Ron White received his first taste of football in 1960 when he attended a bantam football game coached by his brother. Asked to work the chains during the game, Ron developed a passion for football that would last a lifetime. From 1960-1963, Ron served as a manager and coach in the South Bantam Football League. The following year, Ron moved over to the Richmond Minor Football League and became a successful head coach, winning four Richmond and two Richmond/Delta championships. Ron helped at the league level during this time focusing on the development of flag football and working with the other coaches.

In 1972, Ron White became the head coach of the provincial champion bantam Richmond Rough Riders. A couple of years later, he formed a group of football enthusiasts to establish the Richmond juvenile/junior Raiders. From 1974-1977, the Raiders played at the juvenile level, and in 1978 they were admitted to the Big Four Junior Football League. White continued to climb the ladder in the ranks of amateur football, becoming the Vice President of the Richmond Raiders Football Club in 1975, and two short years later, Ron was elected as President. From 1982-1991, White served as President of the Big Four Junior League. Ron was awarded the BCJFA Air BC Executive of the Year Award in 1986.

White was made a Life Member of the CJFL in 1989, and was also the recipient of the Football BC Builders Award that same year. From 1992 to 1995, White served as the Deputy Commissioner of the CJFL. White was named to the ‘Dream Team’ in 1997 by the BCFC. Additionally, that same year, he became the sixth Commissioner of the Canadian Junior Football League and served as such until 2003. During Ron’s seven year reign as Commissioner, he was instrumental in instituting the coaching certification program for CJFL coaches and the Drug Education program for all CJFL teams. The BCFC named its community service award, “The Ron White Award”, given annually to a player who exemplifies excellence on the football field, and provides volunteer service in the community. Ron is a previous winner of the Ed Henick Award and a BCFC Life Member Award recipient.

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