Ron Jones

Builder | 2013

Ron was the President of the BC Lions Football Club from 1983 to 1985 and may be rightly credited with helping to develop a second dynasty of excellence for the team both on and off the field. Ron joined the Lions Board of Directors in 1976 and helped to reshape the club and make it continue to work as a community-owned venture as it had been for three decades at that time.

Ron became the 15th President of the BC Lions in 1983 and working with Bob Ackles helped to land Don Matthews as head coach and install the second great B.C. Lions team. Ron was a key management part of the Grey Cup teams of 1983 and 1985 while serving at the head of the Board and was able to forged links within the province that remain today. Ron continued to serve the club through the 1980s as a board member and advisor right up to the ownership changes of the 1990s.

Born and raised in Vancouver, he was active in amateur sports as both a player and a coach and has long epitomized the connection between the BC Lions and the community. He attended Kitsilano High School in Vancouver and was active in the community with the Kinsmen Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Ron was the recipient of the W.A.C. Bennett Award from the BC Sports Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2021.

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