Kay Ackles


Kay Ackles has more than 50 years of experience in the world of professional football. Alongside her husband Bob, Kay has spent her life behind the scenes in the CFL, NFL and XFL, and was actively involved in organization and planning of countless team functions and operations. During NFL stops in Dallas, Philadelphia, Arizona, and Miami, Kay planned and hosted annual staff events, and organized informational football sessions to educate women about the game.

Since Bob’s passing, Kay has continued to devote her energy to both the BC Lions, and the community of British Columbia. In addition to her duties with the BC Football Hall of Fame, Kay hosted the BC Lions’ team suite for many years.

Outside of football, Kay has also volunteered in political campaigns including for Mary McNeil (former Minister of State for the Olympics and ActNowBC) and Grace McCarthy (former Deputy Premier).

In 2009, the YMCA of Greater Vancouver renamed their facility on the eastside of Vancouver the Bob and Kay Ackles YMCA Nanook House.

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