Gordon “Doc” Burke

Pioneer | 2013

Dr. Gordon Burke was the head football coach at the University of British Columbia from 1925 until 1936. Along with Dr. Gordon Shrum, “Doc” was instrumental in establishing the football program at UBC in the early days and led them to many Western Canadian collegiate challenges, particularly with the Alberta teams during a time when Grey Cup qualification was still possible for strictly amateur teams.

During his twelve years as head coach, “Doc” led the University to three Hardy Cup championships, and two British Columbia titles, defeating teams and schools with longer football traditions and more experienced players. Dr. Burke was a medical doctor who found time within his on-going professional practice to coach not only the varsity team but also the junior varsity and intermediate football teams as part of his usual workday. Burke took the time to travel with the team and coached the games and practices, all the while actively carrying on his medical practice.

Dr. Burke was inducted into the UBC Sports Hall of Fame in 1995.

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