Glen Jackson

Athlete (Professional) | 2014

Glen Jackson, born April 5, 1954 in Vancouver, BC, is a former star linebacker for the BC Lions. Jackson played football at Notre Dame Regional High School before heading to the storied program at Simon Fraser University where he won the All-Star Award in 1971 as the Most Outstanding Lineman. He was drafted in 1976 as a territorial exemption by the Lions and earned his way into a starting position. In his illustrious 12-year career from 1976-1987, Jackson started in 192, making six Western All-Star appearances (’77, ’78, ’79, ’82, ’85, ’87). He played in two Grey Cup games, winning with the Lions in 1985 as part of the franchise’s record season that saw the team total 13 wins and 481 points.

Despite not having any stats for the first five years of his career, Jackson is credited with 36 sacks. He also tallied 71 tackles, which the CFL did not record until 1987, Jackson’s last year of play. His likeness is hung alongside numerous great on the BC Wall of Fame and he was named to the Lions’ 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. Jackson currently coaches football at Holy Cross Regional High School in Surrey, BC. Holy Cross holds the BC Catholic Basketball Championships and alternates holding the Pepsi Bowl, which features a rivalry game between Holy Cross and St. Thomas More Collegiate’s football teams.

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