Creighton O’Malley

Builder | 2014

Creighton O’Malley first joined the Lions as an assistant trainer and then later became the team’s Equipment Manager. He worked for the BC Lions for 30 years as an integral member of the organization. Creighton was also actively involved in amateur sports as a trainer, and did a lot of work with the Meralomas Football organization and Coast League Soccer. His work ethic and passionate dedication to the football club earned him the respect from the players he cared for. The BC Lions Alumni Association proudly hosts the Creighton O’Malley BC Lions Alumni Golf Tournament each spring in support of the BC Lions Foundation which provides funds to amateur sports in British Columbia and less fortunate families. Creighton was the equipment manager with the 1994 BC Lions when they won the Grey Cup vs. Baltimore. In 2003, the BC Lions added Creighton to their Alumni Wall of Fame as a builder.

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