Alan Eyre

Special Award | 2013

Alan Eyre became the BC Lions seventh Club President in February 1965 taking on the difficult task of keeping together a team that had finally captured the Grey Cup the year before. Born in Macklin, Alberta he moved to Vancouver in 1926 and went on to Lord Byng High School and UBC where he played basketball, football and rugby.

Mr. Eyre graduated from UBC with a degree in Civil Engineering and to an important role in the business and philanthropic communities of Vancouver. He joined the BC Lions as a Charter Member and Treasurer in 1953, served as Treasurer again in 1957, and as Vice-President from 1958 to 1961. His involvement with the Lions was unparalleled as a club member from 1953 right up to the 1989 ownership change from community to private hands.

Across the league, Mr. Eyre was part of the Schenley Award Committee and many other league-wide areas as the CFL grew. In Mr. Eyre’s two years as Club President the Lions drew an average of almost 31,000 fans per game despite their challenges on the field at that time and some key departures including long-time stars By Bailey, Willie Fleming and Joe Kapp. Alan was a founding Board member of Simon Fraser University and his community work extended to many hospital and health boards, the Salvation Army, Canadian Council of Christians and Jews, the Senate at UBC and many other important roles behind the scenes. His legacy is perhaps best represented in the Alan and Margaret Eyre Foundation at SFU which continues to endow students with educational support.

Mr. Eyre was granted the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa by SFU in 1986.

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